The reasons we do what we do....

"Kristen & Kelly - just wanted to thank you again for the time and energy you put into helping me get Windrush ready for sale. You Guys were flexible, worked hard and had a great attitude the entire time. It really made a difficult time a lot easier for me"

Paul H.

Barrington Hills, IL.


​"Your very positive and supportive personalities would make my mother at ease, despite being so worried and close to upset about the need to move.    Only your personalities enabled the packing and unpacking stages!

Take Care & Best Wishes, for you ARE the "Super Girlz"

John W.

Lake Villa, IL.

"Thank you again for all of your hard work over the past few weeks. Moving my parents from the home they built 47 years ago is an enormous undertaking, both physically and emotionally. In addition to your hard work -- I think you packed up and organized nearly 300 boxes in total! -- you handled a very delicate situation with extraordinary compassion and kindness. You've made a very difficult transition much more manageable -- and, as my mother put it, "stress-free!

Many Thanks,

​Hillary C.
Evanston, IL.

Excellent customer service with tremendous attention to detail and care of valuable/fragile items. Well organized labeling and itemized listing of boxed contents made the "unpack" go smoothly and helped in finding needed items much more quickly. TOP-NOTCH experience! A delight to work with.

Tom F.

Lincoln Park, IL.

I was looking through Angie's List looking for a moving company and I came across the "Two Girlz Packing" ad. Let me begin with this: I had zero time to dedicate to the moving process but I had to get my things out of my condo in order to get it listed. I called Two Girlz to get more info on their service and I found out that "yes they could take care of everything." 
The Ladies were professional, timely and in fact, took care of the entire move! 
I would use Two Girlz Packing again in a heartbeat! 
GREAT JOB Ladies! Thank you. 

Jeff L. Spring Grove, IL.

After 25 years of living in my home it became time to down size. A true shock my system ... And I must say I was a wreck just thinking about the move. Kristen and Kelly are the best! They are fast competent and efficient. They were a pleasure to work with !! They were part therapist and part friend. They are enthusiastic and warm. They made the trauma of moving and downsizing a breeze.. I can't imagine how I could have done this move without them. If there was an A + rating they would deserve more! Thank you is just not enough ... We had to "Hug It out"" I had a huge house with tons of donation runs over a few days !

Description of work:

The best packers in the world!!! A packing service that is worth their weight in gold.


Northbrook, IL.

They were prompt, professional, and incredibly hard-working. They got more done in six hours than I could have done in four long exhausting days. And they did a better job than I would have known how to do with delicate items. There are many tasks involved in a move that cannot be delegated. When somebody is faster and better than I am at packing—and really pleasant besides—I say go for it. This packing was for staging purposes. When we do move, I'm hiring them again to pack up everything else. What a huge load off my mind!!! Not to mention my back and shoulders.



Chicago, IL.

They arrived on time and went straight to work.  They worked through lunch and when the move was not quite complete at the end of the work day, they stayed and worked through dinner stopping only to eat something which my husband had gone out and brought to them.  I was totally surprised that they had such dedication to provide seamless customer service.  Making sure that all boxes were packed and ready for the shipping company the next day. I would certainly highly recommend Two Girlz Packing for any move you make especially if you have fragile or expensive items to be moved as they take extra care with fine furniture and accessories. 

Description of work:

Two Girlz Packing arranged all of my rooms so that items would be easy to find when they arrived at their new home.  They paid careful attention of the packing process from beginning to end, making sure that everything was packed in such a way that there was little chance of damage.  They carefully labeled each box in detail so it was easy for me to place the boxes in the correct rooms in our new home.  There was nothing broken during the move to Arizona which I am sure is not the case with other moving companies. In the past using other service providers I always had things missing or damaged.


Jean C.

Lakeshore Drive, Chicago IL.

Kristen and Kelly are both incredible. From my first phone conversation with Kristen, to the clean-up after the packing was done, they were informative, friendly and very timely with responses to my questions. They worked hard and efficiently - these two girlz need no micro-managing! Once they knew what I needed, they took the reins and the job got done. What is really fantastic about them is that I was in a situation that was very tight on time as far as the packing/moving and I also didn't have the time to gather pricing for moving and storage and set all that up. Not only did they do that for me, they were very consistent with following up with me to ensure that I was making decisions regarding setting up the move in a timely manner. I will definitely use them again and would highly recommend them to anyone needing packing services and/or someone to be the point person to plan and manage your entire move.

Michele M.

Long Grove, IL.

These women are great! I hate packing for a move and having Two Girlz pack me up so I did not have to was the best moving gift I could have given myself. The only thing that would have made it better is
if they had come with me to unpack me on the other side.

Tracy A.

Chicago, IL.

I called Two Girlz Packing on 2/4 for a quote for packing serivces. They were able to come to my home within hours to give me a quote and then perform the service the VERY NEXT DAY! I have a roomate that's moving out but she works out of town 95% of the time and just doesn't have time to pack. When she moved in, she was very rushed and had to dumped stuff in a very unorganized manner, everywhere, in my finished basement, to the point that we couldn't use the space. Then a family member of hers passed away and MORE furniture, more nick nacks, MORE STUFF but VERY IMPORTANT and a lot of fragile items got piled on top of the stuff that was already unorganized and EVERYWHERE AND intermingled with my things.  Two Girlz Packing ROCKED IT OUT. They were on time, they had all the needed supplies, they were professional, smiling and happy. Then they hit the basement and WOW...they took care of business!  I truly felt like they cared about the personal and irreplaceable items that need to be treated with great care, as much as I would have. They didn't stand around, they didn't take breaks, they didn't stop and talk, they got down to business and didn't stop until it was done. 


Gurnee, IL.